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Factory Seconds Explained

Surplus furniture stores offer discounts on over-stocked items.
Surplus Furniture Stores

Factory seconds, also referred to as factory rejects or simply just seconds, are retail items that may have some type of imperfections. Through minor fault of manufacture or scratch and dent from shipping and delivery, items are offered to the public for a lower price, rather than being disposed of or passed off as new. The goods are often resold at this lower rate after failing the factory’s quality evaluation. These often wind up at surplus furniture stores Instead of going back to the factory.

The amount of damage or fault in the manufacture that might make up a product being resold as a 2nd varies extensively; in clothing, for example, it may simply refer to a single pulled thread or miss-sewn seam, whereas in a set of items such as dishware it might suggest there is one piece missing out on from the set. You can even pick up perfectly imperfect reusable clothing and eco friendly items which stops them from going to waste in landfill.

Generally, a product noted as a factory second will have not passed quality examination for cosmetic, instead of functional reasons. Such items are frequently heavily discounted, but may not have as all-encompassing a service warranty or assurance as a full-quality product for instance, the item might be non-returnable. Discount stores frequently depend on the sale of factory seconds as a huge part of their trade.

Some scratch and dent issues are handled at delivery time by offering $50 to $100 off the items original price. Here is an example: Your $500 washing machine gets delivered and you notice a small 1 inch scratch on the side when the delivery people place the machine. If you tell the delivery people to take it back for the small scratch many times they will call their office to an on the spot discount of at least $50 if not $100. If you do not accept their offer they will take it back to the store and bring you another one. Your reject may become a factory second and go to a discount store or a special out of the way room at the present store that houses all of the returns, factory seconds, rejects, floor models and out of season furniture and cloths.

Surplus Furniture Stores

Surplus furniture stores are just what the name implies, surplus furniture. Slow movers, floor models, out of season furniture and other issues often wind up at a surplus furniture store.

Surplus Furniture Stores In Dallas Texas